A. David Flug MD

The eye examination
When to get an eye examination
  Of course any change in vision, pain in the eyes,red eyes which don't clear up, or other symptoms are a reason to have an exam. But in the event that there are no complaints, here are some guidelines.
Children in the U.S. are usually screened by their pediatrician or by the their school on an annual basis. If any problems are found either with their vision or with the appearance of the eye, they should be referred to an ophthalmologist. Similarly, any eye related complaints by the child should prompt an examination. Children who wear glasses should be checked annually until their vision stops changing. Further along the cycle of life most people began to have problems with reading vision in their 40s. Those who read with glasses will generally need a prescription change every 2 or 3 years. Once people reach their 60s exams should be more frequent in order to detect problems that sometimes have no symptoms and can only be detected by an eye physician such as glaucoma and early macular degeneration.