A. David Flug MD

A cataract is a cloudy area in the lens of the eye (see diagram). It can result in blurry vision, making it hard to read or drive or see the TV. It can also cause symptoms of glare when going out into the sun or when driving at night.
     Removing the cataract will almost always result in brighter, clearer vision. An additional benefit is that by removing the cataract we can eliminate or decrease the need for glasses. The new cataract implants are capable of correcting astigmatism and in some cases also reading vision. Dr. Flug has performed successful sight resoring cataract surgery on thousands of patients from near and far using the most up to date methods and equipment. He is on the teaching staff of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Medical center and operates at the renowned Mackool Eye institute. Surgery is done in a pleasant outpatient setting. Patients are able to go home within minutes after the completion of their operation. Visual improvement is achieved usually by the next day and patients usually may return to work within a day.
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Simulation of vision through a cataract